Bobby now offers lessons to beginner, advanced, and professional level musicians through Skype at $75.00 per half hour lesson. Skype video chat software is free. Students will need to create a Skype account and then click on the button below to "Buy a Lesson". Once the payment for the lesson has been processed Bobby will email the student to set up a lesson date and time ASAP.

System Requirements for a Skype Lesson:
-Skype account
-Microphone, Video Camera, Speakers on your computer for chat
-High-speed internet connection (DSL or faster)

Buy a Lesson by Clicking this Button

Lessons will be structured as follows: Questions and answers will be limited to the time of the lesson (so prepare your list). Bobby will help assess where you're at and give feedback on what he thinks you need to work on after watching you play. Whereas lessons and feedback may be tailored to each student, there will not be any written materials, methods, or exercises prepared in advance. These may be offered by Bobby as you progress but will depend on each student's needs. Bobby will be happy to assess the following: Sound/Tone, Gear/Strings, Time/Feel, Groove, Technique, Style (pick, finger, thumb), and Soloing.



If you bought a copy of Bobby's DVD - TAB Charts Are HERE

Feedback on Bobby's DVD from a happy customer 11/21/17 by Phillip M:
How are you Nick?

Wanted to touch base with a few more thoughts!!

I have owned a number of bass instructional DVD's , including, Jaco's "Modern Electric Bass" & Billy Sheehan's "Basic Bass" that I had been watching this year.

Amazing as this might sound, I had not found any of them particularly inspiring!!

In sharp contrast is Bobby's DVD !!!

What really comes through is Bobby just being himself, the very "down to earth" person he is !!!

I have, in fact, learned so much this past week, Bobby has breathed all this "new life" into my playing!!

To me, the most valuable lesson was to "have fun" !!! Trust me, I wasn't having any fun !!! That's the truth !!!

I can only speak for myself, but, my practice sessions were only about striving to reach a certain amount of proficiency, No joy in it what so ever !!!!

I can really feel the pulse now that simply was not there before!! For me, this was a real "game changer" !!! Glad I had the good sense to buy the DVD !!


Thanks Philip, we're glad you did too!





NEW! January 2010 Release - Sketches of Bob

- 6 Song Funk and Ballad EP
Producers take note! Bonus remix tracks available on this website soon.

NEW! January 2010 Release - Bass Lessons in Tone - Volume I "The Pick"

This is an instructional and inspirational DVD with a focus on Bobby's signature use of a pick.

2006 Release - Bobby Vega & Chris Rossbach

Acoustic, instrumental, bass/guitar Americana-Jazzy-Jam-Funk Masterpiece
Also at CDBaby or iTunes or eMusic

1997 Release - Down the Road

Bobby’s first solo album featuring Steve Kimock,
Airto Moriera, Turtle Island String Quartet<
Also at CDBaby or iTunes


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