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November 25, 2017 - Bobby Vega - Matters of the Heart EP - released

Bobby Vega plays music like his instruments are truly a part of his mind, body and soul. His reputation for feel is legendary.

In 2016 executive producer, Rusty Edwards heard Bobby perform some of these compositions in an intimate setting for solo bass. He asked Bobby if he could help produce an EP to give the world a chance to hear the sound of his amazing collection of instruments and his subtle compositions. We're glad he did.

Although Bobby has become world famous for his pioneering use of the pick on jazz basses in funk and rock settings, it is often lost on many that the touch of a fingerstyle guitarist, the feel of soul singer, and the compositional ear of a master inform even the most basic approaches to any music for Bobby. In this often meditative EP, Bobby shows how transitions and melody can be expressed in new ways on acoustic bass where slight variations in feel, touch and timing can speak volumes emotionally. This is a subtlety often lost of the world of bassists chasing Bobby's shadow - yes, it is hard to play fast and loud, but it is harder yet to play strong yet slow and soft. This is a lesson we mere mortals would do well to listen to again and gain... Enjoy folks, this one came from the heart. - Nick Peters 11/25/17


Special thanks to Rajoe of DigThatBass.com for his Transcription of Gush

New Video - Gush Part 1

Check out this awesome interview by Elton Bradman, Senior Editor of Bass Player Magazine:



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2017 Release - Matters of the Heart

- 7 Song Solo Acoustic Bass EP
Meditative and intimate

Bobby Vega Signature Picks 25 pack

Bobby's custom picks

2010 Release - Sketches of Bob

- 6 Song Funk and Ballad EP
Producers take note!

2010 Release - Bass Lessons in Tone - Volume I "The Pick"

This is an instructional and inspirational DVD with a focus on Bobby's signature use of a pick.

2006 Release - Bobby Vega & Chris Rossbach

Acoustic, instrumental, bass/guitar Americana-Jazzy-Jam-Funk Masterpiece
Also at CDBaby or iTunes or eMusic

1997 Release - Down the Road

Bobby’s first solo album featuring Steve Kimock,
Airto Moriera, Turtle Island String Quartet<
Also at CDBaby or iTunes


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